Lost Mary MO5000 Grape Jelly – Disposable Vape Flavors

Lost Mary MO5000 Grape Jelly – Disposable Vape Flavors

Citrus Sunrise

Designed with precision and satisfaction in mind, Lost Mary MO5000 is a high-performance disposable vape pod that offers you an unforgettable experience. This remarkable device features an advanced 1.2 ohm mesh coil that satisfies your vaping craving with dense vapor production.

Enjoy the sweet taste of juicy grapes with this luscious flavor. It also has a hint of jelly for that perfect finishing touch.

Grape Jelly

A scrumptious grape jelly flavor that is sure to satisfy grape lovers everywhere. Enjoy a taste of purple Concord grapes infused with jammy and tart notes for balance, powered by an advanced 1.2-ohm mesh coil that creates dense and smooth vapor.

Imagine spreading a dollop of sweet grape jelly on a piece of fresh toast – that’s the decadent experience Lost Mary MO5000 offers. This portable and convenient device is a great option for vapers on the go, with easy draw activation and a quiet mesh coil that fires instantly.

Rated for 5000 puffs, the MO5000 provides style, convenience and performance in a sleek and lightweight design. It comes pre-filled with a generous 13.5 mL of synthetic nic salt juice and is easily recharged via USB Type-C connectivity. The MO5000 also features a convenient battery status light to let users know when they are low on power or out of juice. This disposable is ideal for beginners who are transitioning to vaping and veterans looking for a high-performance device.

Watermelon Cherry

A decadently sweet and fruity flavor, picture a dollop of grape jelly spread on fresh bread – that’s the taste this Lost Mary MO5000 Grape Jelly device offers with every puff. This comfort flavor is complemented by a juicy watermelon and succulent cherry flavors, providing a balanced taste experience that will enchant your palate.

The Lost Mary MO5000 is a portable and sleek rechargeable disposable that can be used for a maximum of 5000 puffs. It features a built-in 500mAh internal battery and comes pre-filled with 13ml of e-liquid, which is easily recharged via the USB-Type C charging port.

The Lost Mary e-cigs from Elf Bar have been designed to deliver superior design, longevity and performance. They come with a premium 1.2-ohm mesh coil that provides excellent vapor production, and they are compatible with a wide range of Elf Bar’s premium-grade nic salt juices. Their stylish design makes them convenient to use, with a draw-activated mechanism and a USB-Type C charge port.

Citrus Sunrise

With a flavor combination that uplifts your day and restores your soul, Citrus Sunrise has been engineered to support your immune system with Vitamin C and bromelain. This revitalizing citrus blend packs a punch of refreshment for all vapers!

The Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable device is compact and sleek, delivering the convenience you want for on-the-go vaping. Each device comes pre-filled with a 13mL capacity of our Grape Jelly flavor, providing up to 5000 puffs before needing to be recharged via its bottom USB-Type C charge port.

The entire line of Lost Mary disposables offers a variety of sweet and fruity flavors that are sure to satisfy every palate. Mango Peach Watermelon Lost Mary brings together a sweet Alphonso mango and ripe watermelon taste. Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Mary provides a familiar taste of a popular energy drink.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

With a 13mL pre-filled capacity, the Lost Mary MO5000 features a 5% nicotine concentration for an enjoyable vaping experience. Its advanced 1.2 ohm mesh coil delivers smooth and balanced flavor for your enjoyment. Its compact and portable design makes this device perfect for on-the-go vaping.

This tropical blend of kiwi, passion fruit, and guava is a treat for your taste buds. You’ll enjoy the sweet, tangy flavors of each fruit, which are perfectly complemented by the juicy guava.

Each SKE Crystal Bar is a convenient, easy-to-use disposable that’s ready to go. The pre-filled device is rechargeable with a USB cable and holds 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid that’s designed for inhalation activation.

Each device is designed to outlast 20 cigarettes, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional smoking. The nic salt e-liquid is available in 10mg or 20mg strengths for a satisfying throat hit, and there are also 0mg options for those trying to cut down on nicotine intake.

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson